21st Century Lughnasadh: Archery, mead and feeding the mosquitos

Today, we are celebrating the ancient Celtic holiday of Lughnasadh. I talk about this holy day in my books Fermata Cellars and Zinfandel’s Grimoire. It’s the day between the summer solstice and the autumn equinox, which makes it the start of the harvest season, and that is why it was significant to the ancient Celts.Continue reading “21st Century Lughnasadh: Archery, mead and feeding the mosquitos”

The Halfway Decent Reset

Forget the Great Reset. Join the more doable Halfway Decent Reset, an opportunity to set the agenda for yourself. Welcome to the official launch of the Rivervine YouTube channel. Here I introduce viewers to the utopia known as Rivervine and what the values of the Comatis are.

Reimagining Rivervine

Time to review the Rivervine brand. This year’s changes offer a more focused direction to the business model.


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